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Start small, grow tall

If you think you’ve spotted Tower Farms sustainable technology on a neighbor’s porch before, you
probably have. 

In fact, since 2012, families everywhere have been producing their own nutritious food at home using our vertical, aeroponic growing system. In this smaller-scale, residential setting, it just goes by a different name:
Tower Garden by Juice Plus+®.

A single mission drives every decision

In everything we do at Tower Farms, Tower Garden, and the Juice Plus+ Company as a whole, we’re driven by a sole, simple purpose:

“Inspiring healthy living around the world.”

How? By making “healthy” more accessible and attainable for everyone.

For Tower Garden, that means offering an easier solution for growing fresh, wholesome foods at home.

For other Juice Plus+ products, it means providing a convenient way for people to bridge the gap between what they should eat and what they actually do.

And for Tower Farms, it means making real food available to all.

Give Tower Farms technology a try

Whether you want to launch a farm and help change the world, or simply grow your own vegetables on your porch, we’d love to help.

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