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At some point, every farmer faces a challenge, whether it involves managing pests or marketing produce. We’re here to help — starting with these free resources.

Access farm planning documents

In the early stages of starting your farm? Simplify the process with the following materials.

Crop Yield and Profit Calculator

Enter the size of your growing space and answers for other variables into this interactive spreadsheet to see how much you could grow (and earn).

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Tower Farms Compatible Crops

Your Tower Farms system can handle a wide variety of plants, from quick-turn vegetables, such as leafy greens, to hearty fruiting crops.

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Farm CAD Layouts

Wondering how a farm could fit in the space you’re working with? For inspiration, here are a few common ways to structure a Tower Farms operation.

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Farm Financial Forecast Template

As with any business, a successful farm starts with a solid plan. This spreadsheet provides a basic framework that can help you achieve your goals.

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Browse urban farming blog posts

For tips on keeping your farm healthy and productive, dig into the following articles and guides from the blog.

How to Design a Safe, Effective Pest Control Strategy with IPM

Discover the secrets of Integrated Pest Management: a multi-step approach to pest control that can help you achieve balance in your farm’s ecosystem.

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How to Defend Your Farm from Destructive Diseases

Notoriously hard to treat post-infection, plant diseases can quickly spread throughout a farm. But with these six steps, you can stop them before they start.

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How to Identify Plant Problems by Leaf Discoloration

Plants send messages all the time through visual cues, such as yellowing leaves. If you learn to read these signs, you’ll be able to catch nutrient deficiencies and other problems early.

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The Most Profitable Crops to Grow (and How to Grow Them)

Farm profitability depends on a number of factors, including what you grow and how you grow it. These three steps can help you maximize your farm’s profit margin.

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Fresh Is Best: When (and How) to Harvest Farm Produce

Urban farming allows you to pick and sell produce at its peak. Follow this guide to make sure you’re using the best techniques to harvest plants at the perfect time.

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How to Grow Top Crops with Tower Farms Technology

This collection of short guides will teach you the basics of growing common crops — from beautiful basil to killer kale — in your vertical, aeroponic Tower Farms system.

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