Greenhouse farms

Maximize climate control with a greenhouse farm

When farming in a greenhouse, you can tweak temperature, humidity, and other environmental variables to perfection. And that means you can produce premium crops out of season, efficiently manage pests,
grow year-round, and more.

Explore greenhouse farming examples

The following greenhouse operations show what’s possible with Tower Farms. (And they look pretty cool, too.)

Grow your own greenhouse farm

With Tower Farms, you can fit 10x more plants in your greenhouse compared to horizontally oriented systems. This allows you to sell more produce without increasing overhead, increasing business profitability.

And besides that, you’ll enjoy:

  • Freedom from seasonality, allowing you to offer in-demand crops any time of year
  • Lower risk of pest problems since your plants are protected from the outdoors
  • Predictable, consistent yields due to a heightened level of control over growing conditions

Sound good?

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