Restaurant farms

Redefine local food with a restaurant farm

The local food movement has given rise to a new breed of restaurants: those that grow their own ingredients. For chefs and restaurateurs, the Tower Farms growing system provides a bounty of fresh, high-quality ingredients that keep customers coming back for seconds.

Explore restaurant farming examples

Whether with full-blown farms or slightly smaller operations, these restaurants use our growing technology to add a hyper-local flair to the food they serve.

3 results of growing a restaurant farm

Hyper-local food sourcing is a leading trend among restaurants — beating out other major culinary movements, such as using natural products and following environmentally sustainable practices.1

And the reasons why are pretty clear. For instance, growing a restaurant farm:

  • Delivers a cost-effective supply of ultra-fresh, high-quality produce, saving you money while delighting customer taste buds
  • Reduces food miles, packaging, and waste, so people can feel good about supporting your eco-friendly business
  • Secures your food supply, allowing you to operate reliably — regardless of shortages, recalls, and price increases

Since our vertical farming systems don’t use soil and allow you to grow virtually anywhere — even indoors — they’re the perfect solution for restaurant farmers.

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