Urban farms

Discover the ultimate urban farming solution

Tower Farms technology allows you to grow food without soil while using only 10% of the land required by traditional agriculture. So you can sustainably farm almost anywhere within a city — from parking lots to rooftops.

Explore urban farming examples

Did you know urban farms already produce 1/5 of the world’s food?1 Here are a few farmerpreneurs leading the movement with Tower Farms.

Why urban farms are the future of agriculture

Tower Farmers can grow in urban environments — where traditional farmers can’t. In turn, they support a more sustainable future and enjoy numerous advantages over the competition.

In addition to supporting global food security, when you grow your own urban Tower Farm, you’ll:

  • Produce hyper-local food that consumers crave
  • Enrich your community and support your local economy
  • Reduce transportation distances, which preserves product freshness, flavor, and nutritional content — while also protecting both your budget and the environment

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